Monday, May 17, 2004


State of Flux

I covered an art event downtown tonight: Flux 12. Everyone was there...I was trying to be professional, but Dierdre, Jack (with his ex, Alison, no less) and Leo don't make it easy.

When I got there, I actually had to pay the entry fee for Leo because he is an idiot and was refusing to make an artist donation. Andy, the intern who was unfortunately conscripted to work with him, seemed like he was at his wit's end, so I took pity on him and let him shadow me. It didn't hurt that he was cute, though he didn't really understand what any of the art was "for," which kind of concerned me.

Long story short, we spent the whole evening wandering through the galleries together, and at the end he asked me if I'd like to come swimming in his pool sometime. I wasn't sure if it was a metaphor or not, and if it is, he's got it backwards, but he seems harmless enough so I figure I'll take him up on it. Anything to keep me out of the house while Dierdre and Jack pretend to be platonic rommates.

Someone remind me why I allowed my brother to move in with me again?

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